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Liveaboard Diving Excursion, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Liveaboard Diving
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Liveaboard diving holidays in the Maldives offer a great way to enjoy some of the world’s most spectacular dive sites. It also increases opportunity to see some of the most wonderfully diverse marine life. The extended time in the water and the great accessibility of the fully-catered boats allow you to delve much deeper into the depths of the fascinating waters.

You can decide whether you’d prefer a 7 night, a 10 night, a 12 night or even a 14 night stay - and on a great range of boats depending on your budget. There are also private liveaboard exclusive for a couple or family – the whole boat and its staff are at your disposal.

Liveaboard is great for the single traveller. It’s a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and add a social aspect to the magnificent activities of the day, with shared dining facilities and a similar passion for diving amongst your fellow liveaboarders; you’ll clearly have plenty to talk about!

Special shark safaris, whale shark safaris, and manta safaris are available throughout the year on a range of different boats - with many new safaris to uncharted reefs has also becoming available for advanced divers.

The Maldives is ideally suited for liveaboards and there's no doubt that if you want the very best of the diving, whatever the time of year, you need to stay aboard a boat. Add to this an island stay on one of the stunning tropical resorts and you have the ideal combination of diving and relaxation. You can choose to relax on the resort island before or after your liveaboard and your combination can include any number of days on an island tailored to suit your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can non-divers stay on a liveaboard?

A: Non-divers often stay on the liveaboards and enjoy cruising the atolls of the Maldives. It is also possible for non-divers to enjoy snorkelling, you can see an amazing variety of marine life from the surface, enjoy the luxury of the boat, enjoy the company of other guests and can of course visit island resorts and deserted sandbars with the others on surface intervals! When conditions permit, non-divers will be taken out by dhoni to snorkel shallow reefs under the supervision of the boat crew.

Q: I am a newly certified diver; will I be restricted on a liveaboard?

A: Diving in the Maldives is suitable for certified divers of any level, but please be aware that you must stay within your recreational limits. Dive guides may ask less experienced divers to sit out on some dives with extremely strong currents, but this is quite rare.

Q: Can I stay any number of days on the island resort?

We can arrange your holiday to include any number of nights on a resort island either before, or after your liveaboard trip (or both).

Q: I am a technical diver; do the boats have facilities for me?

A: Most liveaboards do not have facilities for technical divers, and ask all divers to stay within their recreational limits. Some boats do run special tech-dive itineraries in the Maldives, so please enquire with us if you are interested.

Q: Can I organise to be picked up from my island by the liveaboard?

A: Guests arrive to the boat from a variety of flights and islands and unfortunately, it is impossible to pick up passengers directly from their various resorts. Guests need to transfer back to the airport to join the liveaboard.

Q: Can I join the liveaboard in the middle of a trip?

No, you may not join the liveaboard in the middle of a trip. You must join and leave the boat on the set sailing dates shown in the schedule. Most operates a schedule of 7, 10, 12 and 14 night departures, we do not offer trips of less than 7 nights except in the case of full boat charters.

Q: What time must my flight arrive by?

A: In order to ensure you do not miss your boat and to minimize the time taken, you must wait for the transfer to your liveaboard. We can coordinate your flights with the liveaboards for you, which you will find very useful with the differing arrival / departure times for the varying boats – so please call us for the latest information.

Q: When I arrive at Male, where will I go?

A: Once you've landed, you will be met by the crew of your boat who will be waiting at the arrivals hall in Male airport - holding a sign with the boat’s name on it. All of this will be explained and provided upon making the booking, along with the relevant local telephone numbers and other vital instructions.

Q: Will I be able to get off the boat?

A: Most liveaboards will take you by dhoni from time to time to sandbars and island resorts on your surface intervals, to go snorkelling or to sunbathe on the beach. Weather permitting; some liveaboards will take you to an island resort for a beach barbecue on your second to last night on board. You may also have the opportunity to visit the capital city of Male on your last night in the Maldives.

Q: What currency do I use in the Maldives?

A: You won’t need to use any cash on board the liveaboard as you can pay for all of your onboard expenses (equipment, drinks, bed tax, etc.) by credit card. You may wish to bring some cash with you (in any currency) to tip the crew and dive guides. The official currency of the Maldives is the Rufiyaa. You can use the ATM at the airport or in the capital city of Male.

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