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About Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Weather

Weather in Sri Lanka is typically of a tropical nature with consistent high temperatures and relatively high humidity inland. Coastal resorts enjoy hot, dry days with pleasant afternoon sea breezes. The central highlands are delightfully cool with perfect mild to warm temperatures and little variation. There are two monsoons in Sri Lanka, which occur May to August and October to January. There is also inter-monsoonal periods when rain can occur in many parts of the island.

Sri Lanka Average Temperature

Sri Lanka Average Temperature (°C)

Temperatures above are given as a guide only and are expressed in Celsius

Sri Lanka Average Rainfall

Sri Lanka Average Rainfall (mm)

Rainfall above are given as a guide only and are expressed in Millimetres

Weather in Sri Lanka - Temperature and Humidity

Sri Lanka has a typical tropical weather, with mixer of dry and wet seasons. Sri Lanka temperature and humidity (approx 70%) remain high all year round, although on the coast a light coastal breeze makes this heat comfortable. Inland, the heat is significantly reduced due to the higher altitude. Colombo and the low-lying coastal regions have an average temperature of 27°C. At Kandy (altitude 500m), the average temperature is 20°C, while Nuwara Eliya (at 1889m) has a temperate 16°C average. The sea stays at around 27°C all year.

Weather in Sri Lanka - Monsoons

Sri Lanka seasons are slightly complicated by having two monsoons: the south-west monsoon blowing between May and August, has the highest rain of the two and brings rain along the southern coast and western and central highlands. The north-east monsoon blowing between October and January, bringing rain along the coasts of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. . The North and East are comparatively dry, with around 1000mm of rain annually. There is also an inter-monsoonal period in October and November when rain can occur in many parts of the island. In average, Sri Lanka rainfall is highest in May (371mm), and in October/November. Sri Lanka’s lowest rainfall is in February (69mm).

Why visitors come to Sri Lanka all year around?

Many people find rain in Sri Lanka very refreshing break. Generally rain occurs in the late afternoon or in the night and is accompanied by thunder. If rain mid day, generally it last couple of hours and then the sunshines. Rain quickly settles the dust and green vegetation becomes lush, giving refreshing tropical feel and the moist scent in the air is magical. Even if it is clouded over the temperature remains high and can still feels the sun’s rays. Also the weather is not always consistent. Many times locals have experienced no rain during the rainy season and rain when least expected which is why Sri Lanka has become an all year around destination for many visitors all around the world.

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Sri Lanka Weather

Sri Lanka weather is slightly complicated by having two monsoons and an inter-monsoonal period when rain can occur in many parts of the island. As a result, Sri Lanka has become an all year around travel destination. More...

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