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Adams peak Excursion, Sri Lanka

Region: hill-country | Location: Ratnapura
Sri Lanka Adams peak
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The 2,243 m (7,360-ft) high summit is situated in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary called Peak Wilderness. According to Buddhist history the footprint at the summit of the mountain is of Lord Buddha, left during his third visit to Sri Lanka, about 2583 years ago and it is called "Sri Pada" (holy footprint). To Christians the mountain is "Adams Peak" where Adam and Eve resided whereas to Muslims it was the scene of the penance of Adam after his expulsion from Paradise. It is also a shrine for Hindus who believe that the footprint is that of the god of Shiva.

Pilgrims and Adventurers

Pilgrims and adventurers climb up the 8 to 12 kilometre long journey to the summit where the sunrise seen from the top of this mountain is considered to be one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon in the world.


It is the most famous gem-mining locality in Sri Lanka, 100 km away from Colombo. It is situated in the foothills of the 2243m high Adam' Peak. Sri Lanka produces precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, tourmalines, garnets, amethysts, topaz, etc.
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The sanctification of Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) as a tryst of homage by the four dominant faiths in Sri Lanka - Buddhist, Hindu, Islam and Christian - is steeped in mystery, myth, legend, and also oral and chronicled history.

Unlike the Haram Ash Shariff - Jerusalem's hallowed temple mount one of the world's most fiercely contested pieces of real estate where Christians, Moslems and Jews have slaughtered one another for centuries, Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) provides a refuge for the followers of all faiths. It holds a unique place in the country's cultural heritage. The Ramayana - immortal epic of the Sanskrit poet and sage Valmiki (C. 300 BC) makes mention of it, and Alexander the Great, Macedonian warrior king and empire builder (356-323 BC) is reputed to have visited it in 330 BC after his successful campaign in India.

The great dynastic chronicle of Sri Lanka (Mahawamsa), contains the earliest authenticated records of the peak having being dedicated to Gautama Buddha and the Hindu deity Saman. It records that King Dutugemunu being at the point of death at Anuradhapura in 140 BC called for the thero Pullabaya, one of his quondam military aides to invoke his blessings. The venerable monk, attended by a retinue of three hundred disciples, hurried to the bedside of the dying king. He consoled the king recounting several of his meritorious deeds, adding that these alone would suffice for him to attain salvation. The king being deeply moved by the absolution, rejoined that of all the good deeds enumerated by the thero one that comforted him the most was the allusion to his donation of conjee to five eminent monks during an unprecedented famine in the land. Maliyadeva one of the monks to whom the donation was offered, divided it among the fraternity then resident at the sacred mount of Saman. This passage in the Mahawamsa (chapter 32) indicates that the peak was held sacred prior to 140BC.

John Maundeville, a 14th century traveller to the island, gives a grotesque description of the peak. In his chronicles he notes: "In that isle is a great mountain and in the midst of this is a full fair plain. They of the country say that Adam and Eve wept upon the mount when they were driven out of Paradise. They shed so much tears that a lake was formed at the bottom." There is a strong probability that the mountain was dubbed 'Adam's Peak' by European after Maundeville.

In 1805, Captain Robert Percival who served with the British garrison in Colombo notes: "The iron chains on the rock face of Adam's Peak have the appearance of being planted there at a very distant period. Who placed them there or for what purpose they were set up there it is difficult for anyone to know - the beliefs and superstitions of the natives present difficulties. Whatever it is, all evidence indicate that the peak was in the limelight long before the recorded history of the island."

Tours to the Ratnapura Region, Sri Lanka


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Excursions of the hill-country Region, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Pinnawela Elephant OrphanagePinnawela Elephant OrphanageKegallehill country
 Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is home for nearly 84 young and old orphaned elephants. Feed the baby elephants and watch them play and plod down to the river for their daily bath.

Sri Lanka Royal City of Kandy TourRoyal City of Kandy TourKandyhill country
 The last capital for the ancient kings of Sri Lanka, the region of Kandy or “Maha Nuwara” in Sinhala is the second largest city in the Island after Colombo. Kandy is the Capital of the Islands Central Province and home to many lush tea plantations and the revered Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa) this temple is a holy site to Buddhists the world over and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.

Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya TourNuwara Eliya TourNuwara Eliyahill country
 Nuwara Eliya is at the heart of the southern hill country, Sri Lanka’s highest town and a favourite hill station during British colonial period. Nuwara Eliya is renowned for its perennial spring-like climate, carpets of lush green tea, 18 hole golf course, Little England, Victoria Park and more.

Sri Lanka Singharaja Rain ForestSingharaja Rain ForestSinharajahill country
 Sinharaja Rain Forest’s biodiversity makes it one of Sri Lanka’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sinharaja Rain Forest is a great location for general wildlife enthusiasts and a must for bird watchers.

Sri Lanka Horton PlainsHorton PlainsNuwara Eliyahill country
 Horton Plains is one of the most popular and a unique natural attraction in Sri Lanka. It is located 2000m high plateau 28km south of Nuwara Eliya and its known for its beautiful landscapes, rare plants, animal life and World’s End where the plains comes suddenly to an end.

Sri Lanka Adams peakAdams peakRatnapurahill country
 The 2,243 m (7,360-ft) high summit is situated in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary called Peak Wilderness. According to Buddhist history the footprint at the summit of the mountain is of Lord Buddha, left during his third visit to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Peradeniya Botanical GardensPeradeniya Botanical GardensKandyhill country
 Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is the foremost of its kind in Sri Lanka in both size and splendour. It was created by the Kandyan King for the enjoyment of the aristocracy. Today the gardens have an orchid house, spice garden, Japanese garden, picturesque lake filled with water lilies and more.

Sri Lanka Kandy Evening Cultural Dance ShowKandy Evening Cultural Dance ShowKandyhill country
 In the late evening be escorted to a performance of the energetic traditional Kandyan Cultural Dance show, accompanied by tumultuous drumming and climaxes with the amazing fire-walking show.

Sri Lanka Rawana EllaRawana EllaEllahill country
 The spectacular 25m-high Rawana Ella waterfall cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop is known to be one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Its main drop is 30 feet in height and the grandest aspect of the Rawana Ella waterfall is its wild look amidst the wilderness.

Sri Lanka BelihuloyaBelihuloyaEllahill country
 Belihul Oya is a very picturesque little hamlet of untouched wilderness, bordering two streams - Weli Oya and Kosgam Oya. The region is famous for its biodiversity

Sri Lanka Wilpattu National ParkWilpattu National ParkEllahill country
 Wilpattu is one of the oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka, spanning from the northwest coast inland towards the ancient capital of Anuradhapura. The park consists of willus (Natural lakes), dry-lowland forests, scrublands, open grasslands and the coastal belt.

Sri Lanka Knuckles Mountain RangeKnuckles Mountain RangeKandyhill country
 The Knuckles Mountain Range is located towards the North East of the City of Kandy and offers one of the most breathtaking climbs among the Sri Lankan hill country. The region is a paradise for all outdoor mountainous activities.

Sri Lanka Canoeing at Samanala WewaCanoeing at Samanala WewaBelihul Oyahill country
 If you are visiting Belihuloya, Canoeing at Samanala Wewa is a must. The still calm waters of the Samanala Wewa reservoir are perfect for canoeing.

Sri Lanka Trekking at BelihuloyaTrekking at BelihuloyaEllahill country
 Thanks to the untouched wilderness of Belihuloya and the two streams that surround the borders, Weli Oya and Kosgam Oya, it is a great place for trekking.

Sri Lanka Belilena CaveBelilena CaveKitulgalahill country
 Belilena cave situated in the forests of Kitulgala is a very large cave, in which the 12,000 year old skeletal remains of the prehistoric man have been found. Trek through the forests in order to reach the cave.

Sri Lanka Train Journey to hill countryTrain Journey to hill countryEllahill country
 Arguably there is no better way to experience Sri Lanka’s incredible hill country than to take to Sri Lanka’s iconic rail network that dates back to the period of British colonial rule that is still as charming as it was then.

Sri Lanka Highlands Tea Plantation and Tea FactoryHighlands Tea Plantation and Tea FactoryNuwara Eliyahill country
 Drive through the stunning highlands of Sri Lanka, you will realise why Sri Lanka is one of the world's largest exporters of tea and is where the renowned standard of ‘Ceylon Tea' comes from.

Sri Lanka Millennium Elephant FoundationMillennium Elephant FoundationKegallehill country
 The Millennium Elephant Foundation, come Experience, Volunteer and Rescue these Gentle Giants and give them a second chance for a life they deserve.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Train Journey from Colombo to KandySri Lanka Train Journey from Colombo to KandyKandyhill country
 The Colombo to Kandy train ride is a deservedly popular Sri Lanka train journey to take to get an up-close feel for Sri Lanka’s dramatic, scenic landscape, and, in just three hours, takes you from sweltering coastal lowlands to cool inland hills.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Train Journey from Kandy to EllaSri Lanka Train Journey from Kandy to EllaEllahill country
 The Sri Lanka train tour from Kandy to Ella is one of the finest in Asia and maybe even one of the world’s great rail journeys. The scenic beauty you will experience on the Kandy to Ella train route via Nuwara Eliya is something you will never forget. Talk to Travel Sri Lanka about including this excursion in your holiday.

Sri Lanka Ella GapElla GapEllahill country
 Of all the things to see in Sri Lanka Ella Gap offers one of the most spectacular panorama vistas in the south of the country through a narrow cleft in the hills down to the plains below. The whole route to Ella is amazing but most stunning of all is Ella Gap itself.

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